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Music Reviews

Road Trip

These are reviews from djSwade's single, Road Trip.

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Great video and music, love it!

Beautiful ride!




A beautiful drive. Enjoy!

Beautiful road trip!


Music Reviews

Celebration of the Fireflies

These are reviews from djSwade's single, Celebration of the Fireflies.

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Your music is memorable. Your talent is breathtaking. Such an insightful combo of genuine artistry.

Man I love this!


Absolutely beautiful! Could listen to this all day!

How beautiful and peaceful. Love it!

Absolutely awesome and beautiful.

The fireflies are nowhere to be found in California, so thank you for sending them.

Great music!


Beautiful sound!

I love your music! I can just see myself going down the freeway feeling good with your awesome sounds

Lasting impact

077555355-night-city-drive-car 1.jpg

Music Reviews

Sweet Ride

These are reviews from djSwade's single, Sweet Ride.

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I love the music and scenery. Thank you for sharing.

Very beautiful. I love it!

Love your sound!

Awesome. Thank you!

Awesome. Love It!

I really like this one!

Love the music and scenery. That's my type of road trip.

Love this. It's beautiful.

Love it!



Music Reviews

Lemon Cello Rain Mix

These are reviews from djSwade's reimagining of his first single, Lemon Cello.

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Gives me a peaceful easy feeling.

Very beautiful & relaxing. I almost fell asleep.

Soft sound, encouraging gentle movement in body & mind.

Nice. Rock on!

A chilled, refreshing listen. Thank you.


Nice sound!!

Really nice!

Loved this!

IMG_0499 (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Music Reviews


These are reviews from djSwade's first album.

Reviews: Reviews

An Amazing First Effort!

"Love the depth of each song and the variety of styles and sounds - an amazing first effort! 'Soul Searching' is my favorite piece on the album. I get the chord structure and the marimba sound - very relaxing. The next favs would be 'Blue Hours' for its mystical qualities and 'Shugee's Grove,' as I am a dog lover! 'Introspection' is a nice way to close the album. It just seems to sum up the feel. What a great project and again - a super first album."

A Pleasing Soundscape

"Audiostrata is a brilliant debut effort by musician djSwade. Self-taught, djSwade has been playing and creating music for a couple decades. As a multi-instrumentalist, his love for music and fearless approach to exploring different ideas is present on this album. Rather than experiencing a ‘that song sounds the same as the last’ newbie effort, djSwade crafted a collection of distinctive songs that hang together in a very pleasing and cohesive way. Starting with the first track, 'Audiostrata' hits you with stinging purposeful guitar layered over a melodic wash of soulful techno sounds that creates a catchy sound. The album develops quickly as you arrive at 'Tranquility Base,' a sophisticated blend of sampling and beats. This song stands out as one of the smoothest more sophisticated tracks on the album. It makes you want to jump on a drum set and play along. The musical journey on Audiostrata makes enjoyable stops along way. Whether it is the hip and funky vibe on 'Raindrops,' the unusual dog samples and thumping groove on 'Shugee’s Groove,' or smooth calming vocals that interplay with hip and retro transitions in 'Arcade Summer,' the listener will experience a pleasing soundscape. By the time the slapping bass and slide guitar of 'Combustion' is winding down, you find yourself wanting to go back and hear the album again. With every pass you appreciate the complexity and subtle mastery of blending distinctive sounds and songs together. I can’t wait to see what djSwade does next."

Get Lost in the Beat

"Sometimes, especially these days, it is just nice to get lost in an album. djSwade has created a sound that allows you to have an experience and just get lost in the beautiful, consistent, and driving beat.  As you drift, djSwade brings in the outside for a moment.  Whether it’s historical memory, the Eagle has landed, or a pet sound, all transport you to another experience.  'Soul Searching' and 'Chilled' were two of my favorites on his album, Audiostrata.  Lastly, there are some great funk sounds that would fit neatly into a Sly guitar rip from the 70s.  Again, djSwade lets you go on a personal journey, where you emerge in better shape."

Made Me Sway to the Rhythm

"djSwade's exceptional new album Audiostrata is a refreshing album that immediately made me sway to the rhythm. The songs incorporate a blend of electronic and instrumental mixes, giving the music a somewhat jazzier feel and more personal than typical lofi or electronic music. I greatly enjoyed this album and look forward to future releases!"

Loving the Groove!

"djSwade hit all the bright spots with this one! The title song 'Audiostrata' really pulls you in with its layered sound. Great for my workouts. 'Dig,' 'Tranquility Base' and 'Raindrops' have a nice, smooth groove. Shugee gets her own song! I love her 'vocals!' Love the acoustics, piano and vocals on 'Arcade Summer.' 'Introspection' is a great way to round off the album. I use this for my meditation time. Thanks djSwade! Looking forward to your next release."

Audiostrata Really Makes a Powerful Statement

"I admit, I don’t know a lot about music. But I know what I like and Audiostrata is my jam! This is not ambient electronic music that fades into the background - djSwade has created something that really makes a powerful statement! This album is upbeat and energizing. Each track has a different flavor ranging from soulful, to jazzy, to techno, to rock. My personal favorites are 'Blue Hours' and 'Descending Electric.' I am so glad I discovered djSwade’s music."

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