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Celebration of the Fireflies

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

I could have easily called my new single "Dance of the Fireflies," but there are already so many songs by that name. Still, I wanted to use fireflies in the name because that's the vision that came to me after I listened to the final demo of the song. The firefly thing also connects to my past and my first Corgi, Max, who passed away in June of 2017.

Max was such a cool dog, perfect for Southern California. Laid back, taking everything in stride (except smoke alarms and storm drains), he was "affable" in every sense of the word. We spent almost 11 wonderful years together, from the time we brought him home as a puppy with way too large ears for his little Corgi puppy body. Happily, he eventually grew into them.

We spent quite a bit of time on our porch, Max and I. I would play guitar and sing, and he would lounge. One day, he came up to me, coughed, and produced a disturbing amount of blood. The next day, he was gone, just like that, felled by a rare cancer that was like a ticking timebomb.

I was devastated. I remember the first few days in the house. It was eerily quiet without the little Corgi nails tapping on the hardwood floor. I was having a really tough time, barely getting through. Then, one day, this song came on my playlist. I hadn't heard it in years. It was called "Dance of the Fireflies," just a beautiful song, composed by Kavin Hoo. As I listened, I felt lighter, like Max was speaking to me, telling me everything was okay. To me, the tune really does sound like fireflies dancing, but it also reminded me of Max's joy and playfulness. I could actually see him running, jumping and rolling. What a powerful image!

Things didn't change immediately. I still grieved. I went through the process, experiencing a profound loss that I still experience to this day. But it gave me hope and made me feel that I could coexist with this loss and treasure my memories of Max.

"Celebration of the Fireflies" has a direct connection to "Dance of the Fireflies," so it has an extra special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy it and can channel some of the comfort I hear when I listen to it.


You can listen to "Celebration of the Fireflies" on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and other online stores. You can watch the official video for "Celebraton of the Fireflies" on and YouTube. Also, you can check out my artist pages on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music, where you can listen to my first album Audiostrata and my singles, including "Sweet Ride," "Lemon Cello Rain Mix," "Lemon Cello (original mix)," and "Ascending Acoustic."

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