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Golden Hour

What is the golden hour? In photography, it's the time right after sunrise or before sunset when the light is extra special, with rich reds and golds. I like to think of the golden hour more generally as a time of the day when everything is most at peace and tuned to the harmony of life.

In music, I think the golden hour is a time when it's best to listen to your favorite music. Of course, that's different for each person. I also think of the golden hour as a symbolic way to point out the part of the song that really speaks to you the most. For those reasons I called my latest song Golden Hour.

I hope you like my new song.


You can listen to Golden Hour on Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music and other online stores. You can watch the official video for Golden Hour on and YouTube. You can also check out my artist pages on Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music, where you can listen to my first album Audiostrata and my singles, including Ascending Acoustic, Celebration of the Fireflies and Lemon Cello.

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