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Kronos (Not the Star Wars Kind)

I was working out with my personal trainer the other day. We started talking about my music and I told him about my newest single "Kronos." He told me I would probably get a lot of listeners who are Star Wars fans. I had no idea what he was talking about. You see, I saw the original Star Wars movie, but I've lost track of the franchise since then. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there is a Star Wars character named Darth Kronos, apparently not a very cool guy. Not only that, Star Wars has a planet named Kronos, the so-called "Resurrection Planet." To top it off, there is a real Kronos in our galaxy, a star with similarities to the our Sun that appears to have an appetite for planets having eaten several small planets. Who knew?

I sure didn't! I was blissfully unaware of Darth Kronos, Kronos the planet and Kronos the planet gobbler when I wrote my song "Kronos." I got the idea for the name when I was listening to the final master of the track. I asked myself what does this sound like? The immediate answer that came to me was time because of the clock-like guitar and the overall feel of the song. I started doing a little digging and found out that the Greek word for time is khronos (also spelled chronus) which is also the name of the Greek god of time. That's where I got my inspiration for the title. I tweaked the spelling, removing the word "h," and ended up with the title of the song. I thought I was pretty clever until I found out that a whole host of people had figured it out before I did.

I think most of us are fascinated with the concept of time. One of my fascinations with time is how arbitrary it is. We have calendars and clocks and we feverishly live our lives by them. However, there are so many other ways that we can conceivably measure time. And should we even be measuring it in the first place? I've also thought about time itself and its slow, inexorable march. We're born, we live and we die, yet time continues, immortal, unbound. It just moves on, not caring about any of us. This song has that feel, moving forward, insistently, nothing stopping it. The accompanying video offers several visions of time: hourglasses, sundials, the tides, clocks, particularly the whimsical, lovely Prague Astronomical Clock, and Stonehenge. I kept thinking of Spinal Tap during that part of the video.

I know I'll continue my fascination with time until I exit this world. In the meantime, time will continue to offer me its sense of wonder and inevitability.


You can listen to "Kronos," on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and other online stores. You can watch the video supporting "Kronos" on and YouTube. Also, you can check out my artist pages on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music, where you can listen to my first album Audiostrata and my singles, including "Before Sunrise," "Lemon Cello," and "Ascending Acoustic."

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