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A New Station and Some Great New Songs

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

My new album Audiostrata recently debuted on Pandora. When it did, I started a radio station called djSwade Radio. Right away, Pandora's Music Genome started curating my station's music. When I began to listen to the results, I was blown away and humbled that such great music shared a connection with my own. For the hell of it, I picked three songs that really spoke to me and decided to describe what I heard that was so special.

I couldn't figure out the meaning of the song title, but I really dig it. As a guitar player, I really enjoyed the cool little riff that starts off the song and repeats throughout. When the drums kicked in, I found myself swaying to the beat. As it continued, I found myself locking into a hypnotic trance, straining to understand the voices I heard just underneath the instruments. There are some cool little sound accents as well. This is a great tune to dial up when you want to concentrate, focus or just chill out.

This piece had me thinking back to the past. It really put me in a mood to reminisce. Of course the title started me in that direction, but the music created by Mokhov transported me all the way to the destination. It's got a cool beat with a simple repeating motif. In the middle, it launches into some dreamy directions. It just gives you a good feeling and puts you at your ease. I pictured myself running around the field across from my childhood home, playing fort, riding bicycles and climbing trees. Great stuff!

The title of this song alone makes it a classic! The music is icing on the cake, with Chris Bocast and MJ Catalin literally bringing the extinct dodo back to life. This song has a great groove to it. I was really drawn in by the periodic background noise that almost sounds like a roar. There is also some nifty drumwork, including what sounds like bongos in the middle. The tune keeps building on itself, leading you on a musical journey led by the erstwhile dodo itself. Love the album artwork too.


All these songs are highly recommended. You can hear them on djSwade Radio. You can also click the direct link to each song, artist or album provided above. Enjoy!

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