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Reflection: The Year That Was and the Year That Will Be(:

Greetings All,

I've taken the month of December to reflect on 2022, so I've been a bit quiet lately. I'm an introvert, so periodically recharging my batteries periodically. I haven't been quiet on the composition front. In fact, I've written several new songs. One of my newest, Kaua'i Rain, is now out for all of you to enjoy. More on that in a separate post in a few days.

2022 was a tremendous year for djSwade. When I started this music project, I promised myself that I would only continue if I found joy in doing the project. Part of that promise means not putting too much pressure on myself, taking breaks to reflect and only doing the part of djSwade that brings me happiness (that is, no heavy promotion and administration, among other things). Which brings me to why 2022 was so great for djSwade. Not only did I enjoy myself, but the results exceeded my wildest dreams. I was prolific in my song composition. I received gratifying feedback from many of you. Some of your comments told me that my music made you happy, soothed you, energized you, got you in touch with your spiritual side and just plain made you feel good. That is my ultimate reason for starting djSwade in the first place and that makes me VERY happy. Then there are the numbers, which were beyond my humble expectations. Specifically, djSwade had over 130,000 streams and video views in 2022. I have more ambitious goals in 2023, but I'll definitely take that as a solid start.

Speaking of 2023, I have some great music ready for you. I'm starting you off light with the aforementioned Kaua'i Rain. I'll be releasing singles throughout the year with titles like Shiny New Day, A Comfortable Place, Epic Brass, Grain of Sand, The Sun Is Singing, Bright Winter Day, Layers of Blue, Melt, Going to Torrey, Hey Benny and A Rumor of Sky. Intrigued? Do I have your attention? If so, COOL!

In closing, thank you to all of you who have listened to my music and watched my videos since I started djSwade in 2021. I truly appreciate you and I hope my music has provided you with moments of joy and happiness. I wish all of you a Joyous and Wonderful New Year. Then, let's make things happen in 2023!

Warmest regards,


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