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Songs on djSwade Radio - September 2021 Edition

In August 2021, I debuted djSwade Radio on Pandora. Because I enjoyed the songs and artists so much, I decided to pick three that I really dug and describe what spoke to me about them. I had a blast doing it, so I'm making it a monthly thing. My only criteria for picking these songs is that I really enjoy them. It doesn't matter to me whether they're old or new as long as they groove. So, in no particular order, here are my picks for September 2021.

Man is this a cool song! It has a simple, insistent drum beat. The repeating guitar riff drives me gently forward. I feel like I'm taking a trip. Somewhere. But where? I'm not really sure, but it can be a different destination for each listener. The best thing about this song is that I can listen to it as background music or I can listen to it actively, hearing the different instruments and isolating them in my mind. I just love the way all the parts come together. You should also try Lofi Groovy (MK mix).

Thievery Corporation is one of my all-time favorite artists. Their sound is so versatile, but you always know it's them. "A Gentle Dissolve" is beyond relaxing. It's intriguing and evocative as well. I could easily be listening to this in a downtown London club at the height of the Summer of Love. The song is true to its name, a gentle dissolve with liquid keyboards. I visualize bubbles of sound and color gently floating down, bursting on the ground. This is great music to calm the stress levels and achieve a feel-good state.

This is another song built on keyboards, skillfully woven together. I feel like I could be floating along on the clouds with this song. The keys are dreamy. When I hear the ethereal vox elements and gently moving rhythm section, I feel like I'm traveling in style. I think the name of this song is excellent, leading me to believe I'm traveling to Ahhhs to visit the Wizard. And this wizard's got great musical chops. I love the group's name too. Their keys have a mathematical and geometric feel to them (in a good way), so the name is right on.


All these songs are highly recommended. You can hear them on djSwade Radio. You can also click the direct link to each song, artist or album provided above. While you're there, try my album Audiostrata as well. Enjoy!

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